2019-2020 Spring Course Registrations & Tuition Fee Payments

Below, please read the frequently asked questions about tuition & fee payments and course registrations:

1) When and how should I pay my tuition & fee?

- You can pay your tuition between January 20 and January 31. However, in order to register for courses, it is advised that you should pay the tuition until January 29.

- All SUNY students must pay the tuition fee only to İş Bank, and all the receipts must be submitted to SUNY Coordination Office in person or via e-mail (suny@metu.edu.tr). While you are making the payment, you should state your full name, student ID number, your department.

- There is no bank account number; when you go to the bank, you should state that you are making a payment for METU - SUNY Dual Diploma Programs Online Account (METU SUNY UOLP). If the bank clerk cannot find the correct account, please ask them to call İş Bank ODTÜ branch for help.

- Tuition fee amount for:
    BAS & GIA (Prep. school & undergraduate years): 4,620 TL
    TEFL (Prep. school & undergraduate years):           4,108 TL

2) How will I do my course registration?

For course registration, you should go to register.metu.edu.tr

3) Which courses should I take?

- For TEFL students:
Courses you should take are usually automatically uploaded to the system; if you have a question, you can consult with your advisor: Nil Korkut Naykı: nkorkut@metu.edu.tr/2107533

- For BAS students:
You can reach your program curriculum here:
You should also check the announcements section on your website. If you have any other questions, you can reach your advisor: Eminegül Karababa: eminegul@metu.edu.tr/ 2102012

- For GIA students: 
You should check the announcements section on your website. If you have any other questions, you can reach your advisor: Özlem Tür: tur@metu.edu.tr / 2103081

Usually, during course registrations, your advisors have office hours. After you learn about their office hours (they might be stated on their doors), you can visit them to ask your questions.

4) Tuition fee payment per credit

If you are planning to take no more than 3 courses because of valid reasons (if you are graduating at the end of the year, you are in probation status, or you will go to the U.S. next semester), you can pay your tuition fee per credit. In order to do that:

- You should take 3 courses, at most, and 10 credits total, at most (Non-credit courses like IS100, Turkish, etc. are counted as 2 credits).

- Before you make any payments, you should download the form attached to this e-mail, you should fill it in, have your program coordinator (Özlem Tür / Eminegül Karababa / Nil Korkut Naykı) sign the document, have SUNY Coordination Office (Merve Bozbıyık, in this particular case) sign the document, and then take it to the Tuition Fee Office (Katkı Payı Ofisi), which is on the second floor of Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Then with the receipt, you take from Tuition Fee Office, you should go to İşbank and pay the correct amount; and then you should register for courses.

Tuition Fee Office: Neşe Asil: asil@metu.edu.tr / 2107169

5) How can I apply for tuition fee refund?

Deadline for applying for the refund is February 28. (Stated in the academic calendar). If you will be "on leave" status, you can apply for a tuition fee refund until February 28, after the deadline, you cannot receive a refund even if you were "on leave".

6) I cannot login to the system

If you have other questions related to registration or system errors, please refer to your advisors at Registrar's Office:

BAS: Murat Şengülen: sengulen@metu.edu.tr/2103468
GIA: Arslan Gelmez: agelmez@metu.edu.tr/ 210 34 66
TEFL: Toprak Akkanat: atoprak@metu.edu.tr2103420

These instructions are also uploaded to our website suny.metu.edu.tr for your convenience.
Have a nice semester,