To the attention of 1st year BAS & GIA students

Dear freshmen BAS & GIA students,

Your Binghamton University ID numbers and e-mail addresses will be sent to us soon, and once the mail arrives, you need to pick your envelope up from our office and sign up for the Binghamton University system. Then, you will need to upload following documents via :

·         High School Transcripts (Lisenizden not dökümü)

·         TOEFL OR IELTS Scores

·         Admission Form (Terra Dotta)

·         Financial Affidavit Form

·         Bank Statement (a sample form is available on )

·         Code of Conduct Document

·         Minimum cGPA Acknowledgement Form


The deadline for submitting all documents mentioned above is March 1, 2019. Remember, even if you cannot pass TOEFL or IELTS until March, you still need to submit the rest of the documents so that they can register you for classes.

Course registrations will be on April 2019, and Oktay Şekercisoy will held the second orientation with you before registrations start.

On August 15, 2019, the orientation at Binghamton University will start and it is mandatory that you attend the orientation. Therefore, you need to be at Binghamton no later than August 14, 2019